Avoid The Flea Circus: Flea Treatments And An Approach That Send Fleas Packing

28 December 2015
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Dogs that are not treated for fleas before they get them will have a very difficult time with exterminating them. Veterinarians can provide several options for flea prevention and flea control. There is also an approach that can deter fleas from biting. The "Dip" If your dog is already infested, you will need to wash or throw out everything the dog has laid on or slept on. As for your dog, he or she can go to a vet at a clinic like Kenmore Veterinary Hospital and receive " Read More 

3 Awesome Things That Some Pet Boarding Services Do For You And Your Animal

18 December 2015
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Leaving your animal at a boarding location when you are out of town doesn't have to be stressful or scary for you or for your animal. There are so many awesome pet boarding locations that not only offer amazing services, but will also feel like a home away from home for your sweet animal. Most locations take dogs and cats and offer specialized care for both of them. This article will discuss 3 awesome things that some pet boarding services do for you and your animal. Read More 

Do You Have Your Dog’s Back? Tips To Prevent Injuries In Chondrodystrophoid Dogs

21 September 2015
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"Chondrodystrophy" may sound like the name of a disease, but the multisyllabic term refers to a specific body type. To preserve your chondrodystrophoid dog's enjoyable quality of life, it is important to understand the health risks of this physique and to learn what you can do to prevent debilitating injuries. What Is Chondrodystrophy? Chondrodystrophy is a genetic defect in cartilage development and in the growth of leg bones. Cartilage is the tough connective tissue that forms throughout the body's skeletal framework, including along the vertebral column. Read More 

Feline Heart Disease: Watch For The Signs

14 August 2015
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Cats are prone to so many of the same diseases as humans, and heart disease is no exception. In fact, cats can develop cardiomyopathy, or heart disease, over the span of their lives. Unfortunately cats tend to be stoic creatures, so they don't show signs of discomfort in the early stages. Learn to watch for signs of heart disease to prevent your cat from getting sick. Types of Cardiomyopathy Several types of cardiomyopathy exist in cats, but two are more common than others. Read More 

Making Sure Your Pet Is Protected

10 August 2015
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There are a lot of things you need to protect your pet from, and while some of them might involve expensive fences, a sturdy leash, or good training, vaccinating your pet should be easy. Depending on where you adopted your pet from, there may be different procedures regarding vaccination, but it's your responsibility as a pet owner to make sure you know whether your dog or cat is up to date on their shots. Read More