3 Awesome Things That Some Pet Boarding Services Do For You And Your Animal

18 December 2015
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Leaving your animal at a boarding location when you are out of town doesn't have to be stressful or scary for you or for your animal. There are so many awesome pet boarding locations that not only offer amazing services, but will also feel like a home away from home for your sweet animal. Most locations take dogs and cats and offer specialized care for both of them. This article will discuss 3 awesome things that some pet boarding services do for you and your animal. 

Create A Report Of Your Animal's Stay 

While you are away from your animal, you are likely going to wonder what they have been doing, how their stay is going, and if they are having a good time. While some pet boarding locations will give you a quick oral report when you pick them up, others go above and beyond. Not only can you call to check up on your animal a couple of times a day, but you will also be a given a written report of your animal's stay when you pick them up. This is a detailed report that tells you how each of the caretakers interacted with your animal, what they did while you were gone, and how they responded. This report is a wonderful way to let you know how your animal did and to give you a great deal of relief to know that they likely had a great time. 

Offer Other Services During Their Stay

Since many boarding facilities also offer grooming, dog training, and other services, you have the option of scheduling these services during your pet's stay. The idea of getting them groomed while you are away is very convenient, and will allow you to save time when you get back. You can also schedule your dog to have some training sessions while you are gone, and then you can pick back up where you left off when you get pick them up. 

Fun Activities To Keep Them Happy

Obviously it is important to know that your animal isn't simply locked in a kennel the entire time that they are at the boarding facility. You want them to have fun, and to remain active so that they don't miss you too much. Many boarding facilities offer fun activities that your dog or cat can participate in. Some boarding locations have pools that your dogs can swim in and treadmills that they can walk on. Both of these are not only a great form of exercise, but are a ton of fun for your dog as well. There are also large play areas for both dogs and cats where there are large spaces to roam and a variety of toys to play with.

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