Why You Need To Go To The Vet If Your Dog Yelps In The Grass

27 June 2016
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Walking your dog may only be eventful if they meet another animal or if you are in brand new surroundings. Otherwise, walks may be quiet and leisurely. If you are walking your dog and they suddenly yell out, this can cause you some concern. No matter the reason it may be, you should take your dog to the emergency vet clinic. Here are some issues that could happen in the grass that may be cause for concern. 

Stings or bites

There is always a chance that critters could be lurking in the grass. If your dog yelps out in the grass, there is always a chance that they have been bitten by another animal. If you hear your animal yell or whine, you should immediately inspect the area. If you find another animal in the grass, you should take a picture of it. Even if you don't find another animal, it is possible that you dog suffered a bite and needs to be seen by a veterinarian. It is imperative that they are looked over for wounds in the event that they need medication. 

Twisted or broken leg

Young puppies or dogs with small legs and paws may be at particular risk of harming their feet if they are going up or down an incline. It is possible for your animal to break or fracture a leg while they are outside walking. They will likely start to whine when this happens, however, some will stop and attempt to walk through the pain. If you find your dog limping after coming in, you should take them to the vet. If they broke their leg and it sets in place this way, this may cause the animal's leg to heal in a broken manner, which affects their walk the rest of their life. If a leg is broken, it will need to be set as quickly as possible to heal straight 

Slipped disc in back 

Just like humans, dogs can get a slipped disc in their back. Animals who tend to jump off of furniture may be susceptible, as well as smaller dog breeds. The symptoms will likely be noticed when the animal is in pain when they start to walk. If your animal is having a hard time moving around and is yelping or whining when walking outside, it is possible that a herniated disc has occurred. Take your dog to the veterinarian and be sure to get an x-ray. An x-ray can rule out or confirm a slipped disc. The doctor will be able to give you muscle relaxers and medication to help make your dog more comfortable. 

For more guidance about threats that can lurk in the grass, contact a vet like Gwynedd Veterinary Hospital.