What You Need To Know About Tipping Your Dog Groomer

12 April 2016
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A skilled dog groomer can completely change the look of your pet, taking it from shaggy to chic in a short amount of time. When you return to the grooming center to pick up your pet, it's important to think about tipping the person who treated the animal. Tipping is appropriate in this industry and serves as an effective way to show your thanks for the groomer's care. Unless there's a sign in the grooming center that tips are prohibited, you can proceed with your plan to tip -- both after the visit and again around the holidays if you've been consistently visiting the same groomer. Here are some things that you need to know.

Tipping After Each Visit

Just like going to the barber or hair salon, it's appropriate to tip after each visit. The standard to keep in mind for tipping a dog groomer is 15 percent of the cost of the grooming. It's ideal to tip with cash, so make sure that you know how much the grooming session costs at the time that you book it. This will allow you to make sure that you're carrying adequate small bills for the tip.

Tipping Around The Holidays

Tipping around the holidays is an ideal way to show your thanks to the groomer who keeps your pet looking pristine throughout the year. Given that you might be dropping off your pet around the holidays so it will be trimmed in time for holiday parties and photos, this is the ideal time to give your holiday tip. You can opt to give either cash or a gift, but the value should be up to the cost that you pay for a standard grooming appointment. If you're torn between cash and a gift, there's no harm in giving some of each -- provided the approximate value between the two meets this guideline.

Different Things That Influence Your Tip

Despite the above guidelines, you can always choose to tip a little extra if you feel that doing so is appropriate. Many pet owners tip more generously when their groomer obviously has a clear affinity the pet or goes out of his or her way to make a timid pet feel comfortable. You might also wish to tip the groomer more if he or she scheduled you in for an appointment on short notice or if your pet was problematic during the grooming session -- perhaps barking or constantly fidgeting. Contact a business, such as Columbine Animal Hospital & Emergency Clinic, for more information.