The ABCs of Finding the Best Pet Grooming Service for Your Timid Pooch

19 February 2016
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Some dogs are naturally less timid and shy when it comes to grooming, and, therefore, taking a bath and getting cleaned up is really no big deal. However, there are always going to be some doggies that make you feel like the worst pet owner in the world when you mention the word "bath" or reach for a pair of scissors, shears, or nail clippers. Unfortunately, dogs that are scared of being groomed can make it difficult to keep them not just looking good, but healthy. If grooming your pet is a chore, it is definitely a good idea to look for a professional who can help you pet clean and looking good. There are a few ABC rules to keep in mind when you are looking for the best pet grooming facility for our timid pup. 

Always ask the veterinarian for recommended pet grooming facilities. 

Top-notch pet grooming facilities commonly work hand in hand with veterinarians in the vicinity. Therefore, there is no better place to track down the best pet groomer than starting with the professional you trust the most for your dog's care. Plus, if the vet is already familiar with your pup's shy tendencies, they may be able to offer helpful advice when it comes to grooming techniques that will work out the best. 

Be certain the facility you choose has private grooming quarters. 

Chances are, if your dog is already nervous about the idea of bathing or getting a trim, other animals hanging around will only make matters worse. Look for a pet grooming facility that offers private grooming quarters where each animal that comes in stays in a designated area or kennel away from everyone else. Additionally, private grooming quarters will usually mean a lower noise level, which will also make the process less intimidating for your nervous pooch. 

Check out the equipment groomers use in the facility. 

One of the biggest factors to consider when you stop in at a pet grooming facility is what kind of equipment they use. The most professional groomers will use top-of-the-line equipment that is designed to keep a dog calm while they work. For example, electric trimmers should be quiet with little vibration, spray nozzles should be low pressure, and even the bathing tubs should have high walls to make the dog feel more secure during washing. Learning to recognize high-quality equipment will help you ensure that your shaky puppy is not going to run into things that are going to make him or her panic during grooming.

With these tips in mind, check with local grooming services, such as Vet Stop Animal Clinics, to consider all your options.