Want To Include Your Dog In Your Celebrations? Here Are Some Holiday Foods They Can Eat

16 June 2015
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If you're a dog owner, you likely consider him or her to be part of the family, but you might be uneasy about giving them treats in the form of human food because many are harmful to dogs. When your family gets together to celebrate a holiday or special event, you don't have to leave your dog out of the festivities. Some holiday foods are actually good for your dog, so they can eat with you to be a part of the fun. This guide gives you four holiday foods that your dog can safely eat.

Turkey Breast

Your dog can safely eat a small portion of turkey breast. However, it is important that you serve your dog only the turkey breast. Do not serve it skin, gravy, stuffing, or other ingredients. These added calories can lead to obesity in dogs, and can lead to tummy aches. Turkey straight off the bone, in small portions, can be a safe way for your dog to celebrate with you.

Take the time to make sure the turkey breast is cooked all the way through. There also shouldn't be any bones in the portion you serve your dog, as they can be a choking hazard to your pet. Also, if you're serving the dog turkey meat from the Thanksgiving bird, remove any thread or string that may be present from your preparation process.

Various Vegetables

Most vegetables are actually a great snack for your dog. So, if you're preparing any of these foods, set some aside before adding anything fatty, sugary or spicy to give to your dog:

  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • green beans
  • cauliflower

Various Breads

Bread is usually a staple of holiday celebrations and it can also be a safe snack for your dog. Serve your dog a small piece of baked bread. However, keep dough that hasn't been baked away from your dog. This is an unsafe food for your dog to consume and can cause their tummy to become upset. Again, avoid giving your dog breads with butter, margarine or other fatty substances added.


Offer a small piece of cheese to your dog on any special occasion. Many house pets are lactose intolerant, however a small cube or two of cheese is not enough to harm them. Prevent your furry family member from getting a tummy ache by keeping spicy cheese for the humans at the party.

Holidays always bring about good food and this can be true for your dog as well. Just remember that portion size is very important. Dogs want to keep eating once they get started, so limit the amount of these special treats and keep serving the dog it's regular food as well. If you are unsure if a food is safe for your dog, consult your veterinarian.

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