Tips That Will Help You Protect Your Cat And Home From Fleas

25 June 2015
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If your cat has recently been treated for fleas by your veterinarian, you can prevent these pests from reappearing on your pet or in your home by practicing the following tips.

Brush And Groom Your Pet 

Brush your cat with a fine tooth comb that is designed for pets several times a week. Fur that is sleek and that does not contain knots will make it easier for you to spot fleas. Brushing will also remove flea eggs or adult fleas if they appear on your cat's body. Be sure to brush your cat right after they come inside to remove fleas that they came in contact with while outside.

After you have removed fleas and eggs, wash your cat's fur with mild shampoo. Work the shampoo into a lather and rinse it with warm water. Use a towel to dry your cat's fur and gently comb it.

Treat Your Yard

Place cedar mulch around trees, plants, and flowers in your yard. Cedar mulch acts as a natural pest repellent and will prevent fleas from coming near your home. It will improve the way that your property looks, prevent weeds from growing, and help soil retain moisture. Spray a nematode solution on your lawn to further protect your property.

Nematodes are a parasite and can effectively kill eggs, larva, and adult fleas that are on your lawn. Nematode solutions can be purchased from landscaping businesses or home improvement centers. After applying the solution, it will remain effective for months.

Clean Bedding And Hard Surfaces 

Wash bedding that is used in your home a couple times each week. Clean blankets and sheets will make your home less favorable for fleas and will eliminate them and any eggs that are present. Use orange oil to clean tables, furniture, and any other hard surfaces in your home. Orange oil contains Limosene-d, which acts as a natural insecticide. The orange oil will give your home a fresh, clean scent and will effectively eliminate fleas for days. Use more orange oil whenever surfaces in your home become dirty.

Practicing all of these tips will help keep your pet comfortable and will provide you with a pleasant environment to live in. It is also a good idea to continue setting up appointments for your cat to be seen by a veterinarian a couple times each year in order to receive professional flea treatments. For more information, contact a professional like Metropolitan Cat Hospital Limited.